Corbett Sportsfield Services have invested heavily in top class machinery in order to deliver a service that reflects on our mission statement of quality and reliability. The equipment and machinery allows us to not only cut down on the time involved in projects but it also allows us to offer a customer guarantee of a quality finish.

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Equipment Details

We have a wide range of equipment to suit all projects. A sample list of our equipment is as follows:

  • Tractors from 45-95 hp on flotation tyres
  • Hitatchi diggers from 3-20 tonnes
  • Wiedenmann vertidrainer
  • Major roller mower
  • Kubota collecting mower
  • John Deere outfront c/w synergy mower
  • Ultra Spreader  (sand spreader)
  • Blec Sandmaster
  • Shelton Gravel Band Drainer
  • Power harrows, stoneburriers, rotovators
  • Blec seeders (turfmaker, disc, multiseeder)
  • Blec Stonerake
  • Grading and finishing harrows
  • Various fertilizer spreaders & sprayers